Plain language

Writing Inc. specialises in plain language and will ensure your copy is clear and easy to understand. This service is of particular value to local authority and other public service organisations.

What is plain language?

Plain language is easy to read but can be hard to write. When speaking, people call a spade a spade; when writing, they call it a long-handled digging implement. A home becomes a ‘dwelling’, a path becomes a ‘pedestrian walkway’, and a letter becomes a ‘communication’. We are asked to ‘furnish’ our details, ‘commence’ payments and ‘indicate our response’.

Something written in plain language can be read without effort. It will be understood by most people the first time they read it. And the person reading it will know what will happen next, or what they have to do next.

Free sample service

Use the Writing Inc. free sample service to find out how your copy would look after being ‘plain languaged’. Simply email one side of A4 to see your text transformed!


You will receive a no-obligation free sample and if you decide to go ahead the work will be completed on receipt of payment in full.

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