Book formatting and editing

Writing Inc. can format your book interior for Kindle or paperback publication via Amazon’s createspace service. (This service is for text interiors such as novels, not image-led publications.)

Costs and payment

Costs for these services can be found in the drop-down box. Payment would not be expected until you are satisfied with a sample of how your book will look. This sample will be completed and sent to you without charge and with no obligation.

If you decide to go ahead, the work will be completed following receipt of payment in full and acceptance of the terms and conditions which will be sent to you by email.

Additional services

Other services are also available, including grammar checking, creating your copyright page and uploading your book to Amazon. Please ask for a quote.

Please note, these book formatting and editing services are unrelated to Bennison Books which is a separate enterprise. Book formatting and editing services are provided by Writing Inc. to authors who wish to self-publish.

Contact Writing Inc. for more information about the full range of book creation services.


Please do not make any payment until you are satisfied with the sample received and have agreed to the terms and conditions sent to you by email.

Service required

You may also wish to consider…

Amazon offers a ‘Simple Interior’ service at a cost of $199. Modifications to your interior following submission can be made for $79. This Amazon service does not include any editing services such as spacing, spelling, punctuation or grammar checks.

Amazon offers a range of editing services starting from $160 to check up to 10,000 words for spelling, punctuation and typos. For over 10,000 words, the cost is $0.016 per word. For a 60,000-word novel, this would cost $960.

Note that the Amazon editing service is US-based and takes as its standard the Chicago Manual of Style and the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Compare all Amazon’s editing services.

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